Monthly Archives: Thursday December 20th, 2012

Grid Living & Mobility Concept

The energy storage of the project takes on various tasks in the system of the building and mobility. Besides the important tasks in the electrical concept, they also play an important role in mobility. The charged batteries are used for e-bikes, making it easier to ride the bike as a main means of transportation. Another concept uses the bicycle as a home trainer and saves the energy produced back into the battery, to store and be available to the your + house again.

The building automation system has three main components; energy management, comfort management, and additional features. The energy management is responsible for the peak and lull production phase management. In this case, one would like to break electrical power peaks and store excess energy for low-performance times. Active and passive systems affect the comfort conditions and are operated only when necessary. Additional systems are designed for safety, security and irrigation of plants and PV panels.
The different switching algorithms process internal and external inputs, and cohesively maximize efficiency.