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Faculty Team

At the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts lecturers are experienced professional practitioners, who value project-related work. The project responsible lecturers bring their invaluable research, applied knowledge, and years of expertise to the project.

Project Management


Besichtigungen und Events im Prototyp:
Nicole Gemperli
Trakt X-Managerin
+41 41 349 34 89

Prof. Hanspeter Bürgi
dipl. Architekt ETH SIA FSU
Dozent / Leiter Atelier Solar Decathlon
T +41 31 340 35 40

Simon Gallner
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt
Projektleitung Solar Decathlon

Marcel Wyss
Student Team Leader

Buffer zone in the pavilion

The buffer zone is a traditional element of Swiss building structures and is typical for the alpine climate. During the winter, the passively generated heat can be used to reduce the heating energy of the adjoined rooms. In summertime, the buffer zone is an expansion of the spatiality and the heat will be re-extracted. Instead of high mechanization, passive strategies guarantee comfortable conditions for the pavilion.




The photovoltaic system has the aim of generating as much energy as possible in combination with limited performance. That is why we use a sun-tracking system. In the your+ project, we seek solutions that achieve large energy yields per square metre, have little-to-no cell aging, with high performance in high temperatures and operate at low cost and with a low energy input.


Electrical concept

To ensure as efficient operation as possible, all consumers must be networked with each other. That allows devices to be switched on when there is enough available power. Excess energy is temporarily stored to lessen any power supply peaks from the photovoltaic system. That energy is used to alleviate consumption peaks for devices and thereby ease the burden on the public power grid.


The ever-growing population and with rising energy and land consumption continues according to the trend of recent years. Resource consumption per capita compensated, to some extent technical progress in equipment and construction technology. New thinking and behaviors are necessary for establishing a sustainable resource management. We strive for with our idea of the parts and swap to conserve resources and to use land efficiently. In our concept of living rooms are shared and created to replace a platform to objects and to use flexible mobility. The base is us, the concept of co-operative which is firmly anchored in Switzerland for decades and focuses on the principle of mutual benefit.
Development of the population and their needs

Development of the population and their needs

«Smart Sharing»
Different parties may designate private-and share common space according to their specific needs – Modular design focusing on the purpose of social cooperative life.

Life with and without the concept of your+

Life with and without the concept of your+